EuroMaintenance 2021: Call for Workshops

Sharing knowledge is key!
From 29 – 31 March 2021, the Netherlands is host of the largest Maintenance convention of Europe: EuroMaintenance2021. With an approximate 2,500 visitors, this event is the most important platform for Maintenance and Asset Management. For three full days, all visitors will get to experience a variety of valuable keynotes, excursions and workshops. Here, they can learn new skills, exchange information and knowledge or expand their network. In addition to this, EuroMaintenance is collaborating with MaintenanceNEXT on behalf of EFNMS!
During EuroMaintenance we intend to offer international parties a stage and audience. Connecting professional,s not only from Europe but globally, is an important staple in this event. To ensure this goal, the program is built up of four pillars: Showing, Seeing, Hearing, Doing!
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Call for Workshops
Leading up to EuroMaintenance 2021, NVDO and EFNMS (European Federation of National Maintenance Societies) invite you to send in your workshop proposal. We want our visitors to experience the best of Maintenance Europe has to offer. Following the theme of EuroMaintenance 2021 – “Asset Management at its best!” – attendees will be offered a variety of interactive sessions regarding Maintenance and Asset Management.

EuroMaintenance provides eye-opening experiences, revealing blind-spots and  memorable sessions. So, we encourage you to come up with a hands-on workshop proposal. How will you encourage interaction? Will you be teaching your attendees a new technique? Will you learn your audience how to make the most modern maintenance analysis? Create something new, generate ideas? Will you use digital media, physical media, or a combination?

We invite you to contribute to Europe’s largest and most important event for Maintenance and Asset Management by writing up your workshop proposal and sending it to us.

Send in your workshop
Do you have a valuable contribution that you would like to propose to us?
Please fill in the Call for Workshops, or visit our website at  where you can find all important information, news and updates regarding EuroMaintenance and our digital Call for Workshops.

The Five Themes of the EuroMaintenance Workshops
·        Human Factor; The Scarcity of technically trained staff is one of the larger problems within maintenance. How will we enthuse young professionals to become part of one of the largest and most important global industries? And how will we secure the knowledge of ageing professionals?
·        Safety; Obviously safety is a crucial point in maintenance. Maintenance engineers must be able to safely inspect, repair and maintain assets. Additionally, the maintenance must also ensure the safety of the asset’s end-users. But not just physical safety is key; also digital safety in the form of cyber security is part of this theme
·        Sustainability; It’s important to take action to ensure the longevity of our planet’s existence. There’s a lot we can do within maintenance to combat climate change: remanufacturing, circular and extending life cycles, using sustainable materials, working on energy transition and more
·        Smart (Industry);Artificial Intelligence, Digital Twins, Exoskeletons and more; Maintenance 4.0 is becoming Smarter everyday. For this theme we will follow all major developments in the Smart Industry
·        Asset Performance Management; There are many different ideas, concepts and methods to Asset Management. Think of RCM, FMEC, VDM and more

Thank you on behalf of the EuroMaintenance 2021-team.