Celeste Martens awarded Maintenance Manager of the Year in The Netherlands!

Celeste Martens Maintenance Manager 2019The jury was full of praise for the 27-year-old Martens. She has made great progress by already including maintenance in the tenderphase of a project and by involving the Asset Management team. She has a clear vision on circularity and predictive maintenance and makes the difference there. Martens knows how to achieve maintenance results within CroonWolter & Dros in order to keep the value of an asset as high as possible.

Martens already earned her spurs in the Coentunnel project by making FMECA analyzes and setting up a system to support the maintenance process. But also collecting data to be able to analyze and optimize is her aim. In a design phase, in conjunction with maintenance and asset management, for example, she always takes energytopics(costs) into consideration when deciding which solution is the best.


Martens has been appointed Maintenance Manager of the Year by the NVDO because of the decisive involvement in Training and Selection, but also because of her ability to be familiar with older assets with older data systems and equipment and the hugely successful translation of “From Maintenance to Asset Management” , the implementation of standardization in maintenance management and the ability to improve in system, people and resources.

Martens has implemented Asset Management, not only within the company, but also within various projects. She has given a huge boost to real-time condition monitoring and predictive maintenance. She likes to seek collaboration. Due to Martens’ attention to the value of materials, circular entrepreneurship has become one of the five strategic pillars of Croonwolter & Dros Infra for the next three years.

Celeste Martens will be the icon of the Dutch Maintenance Market in the coming year, which is worth between EUR 31 and 36 billion, no less than 4-5 percent of the Gross Domestic Product and where around 310,000 maintenance professionals are employed.