Dutch Process Industry – scarcity of technically trained personnel

Recent research by the NVDO (Dutch Maintenance 50ciety) conducted that the most important trend within the Process industry is the scarcity of technically trained personnel.
This scarcity differs per education level. The supply and demand for University-trained engineers in the oil and gas industry is in good balance. Companies in the Process Industry expect the greatest problems with binding college-trained staff or students of universities of
applied science.
This scarcity is a risk for the sector. When companies attempt to hire technicans by “hijacking” the staff of competitors, it leads to higher costs and. That is why it makes more sense if companies find sustainable solutions toget her for the entire sector. A positive development is that 95% of companies in the Process Industry reported to be willing to cooperate with ot her companies to recruit technical staff compared to 88% last year. The cooperation with educational inst it utions is also highly desirable.

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