The Global Metricators Guidebook – GloMe

The guidebook Global Maintenance and Reliability Indicators – GloMe is now offered to the international maintenance and reliability community.

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Comparing indicators

When comparing maintenance and availability performance internally or externally, you need a set of clearly defined and standardized indicators supported by definitions. In Europe one can use the indicators defined in EN 15341: 2019. In North America one can take advantage of the SMRP metrics.

If you want to compare and translate the different local indicators and definitions, you can use the Global Metricators Guidebook – “GloMe” with the harmonized indicators. The harmonised indicators are those which are similar between the SMRP and EN 15431, and those for which any differences can be identified.

Each metricator is documented by “hands on” examples of the calculation of the indicator to enhance understanding.

The guidebook GloMe focusses also on the application and use of the indicators. This is done by linking the indicators to the maintenance processes and by suggesting “Best in Class values for some of the indicators.

The term “metricator” is a combination of the SMRP term “metrics” and the EFNMS term “indicator”.

The end to confusion – in maintenance and reliability!

Even though maintenance and reliability globally are aiming at the same objective – to keep the assets running – one can be confused by the different, and sometimes contradicting terms and definitions offered from various international organizations.

The maintenance and reliability experts from SMRP and The EFNMS have managed to compare and explain 40 indicators from the standard EN 15341:2019 and the 36 metrics from the SMRP system of metrics.

Besides the comparison, the GloMe guidebook also offers an explanation to the most frequently used maintenance and reliability terms used internationally.

The comparison of the indicators and the supporting definitions will help the maintenance and reliability professionals to understand the differences and similarities in the most used terms.

Measure the performance delivered by the maintenance and reliability processes.

But the GloMe has more to offer. The harmonization indicators have been used in several metrics and benchmarking workshops organized by the EFNMS and the SMRP. At each workshop, the question of “Which indicators to be used to measure the performance of my maintenance processed?” has been raised from the audience.

GloMe will offer an answer to this challenge. This is done by linking the harmonised indicators to the generic maintenance processes as described in the standard EN 17007. Whenever possible the processes and subprocesses will be supported by the harmonized indicators, or the numerator or denominator in the indicator to measure the performance of the sub process or the entire maintenance process.

Best in Class value

Having an indicator to measure a generic maintenance process is a help to the maintenance and reliability professional – The obviously next question is “What is a good value?”

The GloMe contains a table suggesting Best in Class values for those indicators where it is possible.

Table 6.1 Best-in-Class Values
EN 15341 No. SMRP Metric No. Indicator (SMRP metric) SMRP EFNMS Comment to the EFNMS Best-in-Class values
O&S13 5.1.6 Proportion of condition based maintenance

(SMRP: Condition Based Maintenance Hours

15% 15% – 20%


Table 6.1: Example of Best in Class Values

The application of GloMe

If you want to design or improve a maintenance and reliability organisation, GloMe will help you with a complete solution for the maintenance processes and the associated indicators.



Figure 1: Link from process to indicator and Best in Class value

This is probably the first time such a complete solution is offered to the maintenance and reliability professionals.

GloMe will be a complementary reference document in future benchmarking workshops organized by the EFNMS.

About the authors

The authors to GloMe are a composed by a team of recognized maintenance and reliability professionals bringing experience from maintenance and reliability and the development of international standards and guidelines.


Jerry D. Kahn, P.E., CMRP, F.NSPE; SMRP

Richard (Dick) H. Olver P. Eng., CMRP; PEMAC

Terry Alexander, CMRP, REC; SMRP

Christer Olsson, CEEMM; SvUH – EFNMS

István Zoltán Páll; MIKSZ – EFNMS

Tom Svantesson, BSC, CEEMM; DDV – EFNMS


Meet the authors:

The GloMe is available from the EFNMS book store at: EFNMS Publications