Thesis on Asset Management Strategy and on Added Value of Asset Management are awarded

The Master Thesis Award (MTA) and Ph.D. Thesis Award (PTA) are granted biennially by the European Federation of National Maintenance Societies (EFNMS) and the Salvetti Foundation. The objective of these awards is to promote, encourage and motivate the theoretical and applied research and developments in different topics related to maintenance knowledge and practice amongst the students of the European Universities and Research Institutes. The Awards were presented by the Chairman of the Award Committee, Professor Marco Macchi from Politecnico di Milano during the opening session of Euromaintenance4.0
The laureates are:Mr. Asier Erguido, Winner Master Thesis Award for his thesis: Asset management strategies optimisation for the wind energy sector based on life cycle cost analysis.

The thesis develops analytical and simulation models to systematically analyze the impact that different asset management strategies can have in a wind farm life cycle cost, leading to find the optimal strategy. Mr. Erguido currently works on a doctorate at the IK4-IKERLAN research institute in Bilbao. His research is mainly focused on after-sales services definition and optimisation based on the improvement of physical asset management strategies.


Dr. Peter Chemweno, Winner Ph.D. Thesis Award for his thesis: The added value of asset management in power generation plants in developing countries context.

Dr. Peter Chemweno received his Ph.D. from KU Leuven, Belgium in 2016. His Ph.D. focused on the topic of asset management, and more specifically addressing challenges faced by owners and operators of power generation assets with regards to leveraging on operation and maintenance data for decision support. Currently Dr. Chemweno is Assistant Professor at University of Twente, where he teaches courses on product and production system design. His research interests extends to developing models for assessing safety of collaborative robot systems.

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