The industrial service is ready to transfer digital know-how into the industry and maintenance

• The German Wirtschaftsverband fuer Industrieservice e.V. (WVIS) presented the results of its annual WVIS Branchenmonitor (market study) for industrial services
• The industrial service offers solutions and help with digitalisation
• The further growth of the industry service depends on the specialization, IT competence and sustainable personnel strategy

The industrial service has adjusted to the new requirements of the industry in terms of digitalization in maintenance and asset  management. In Germany, it is still on a continuous growth course. Through its versatility and cooperation with industry, the industrial service has become indispensable for the manufacturing industry in Germany. As in the previous year, the industrial service 2018 in Germany achieved average growth of 4.7 percent in a service market with meanwhile sales of more than 20 billion euros.
The flexibility and innovative power of the service providers has helped industrial services significantly expand its smart maintenance services offering. In the meantime, the industrial service sees the risk of a shortage of skilled workers, which is growing due to demographic effects, as an opportunity, because with its cross-industry know-how, the industrial service continues to be the enabler of smart technologies not only for maintenance. The industry benefits from its specialization and customer orientation.

WVIS presented the results of its WVIS sector monitor at the general assembly meeting. “The industrial service will accelerate its growth and remain successful. Because the classic maintenance and the new Smart Services offer common potential for new services, ” says Dr. Martin G. Eckert, Managing Member of the Board, WVIS. The industrial service develops innovative services for its customers. For the service, it is even more important than ever to strengthen your own IT competence. As a result, companies can serve demand-driven and underdeveloped service areas such as IT security. This requires that companies operate a successful innovation management and position themselves in an increasingly digital economy.
The most important success factor for the industrial service is the human being. Thus, the shortage of skilled workers is an opportunity and a risk at the same time. It is a cross-sectoral issue that policy must address.
This includes more flexible work to meet the challenges of a smart working environment. Innovative and agile organizations as well as employment models must not be fundamentally stigmatized.


The WVIS Branchenmonitor
Since 2010, WVIS has been publishing the market survey and providing information about trends in industrial services. The WVIS Branchenmonitor is written in German. It is published annually and will be made available only to WVIS member companies free of charge. The report can be purchased at the price of 890,- EUR plus Vat. A current order-form with prices for all publications of WVIS is deposited under:
About WVIS
The WVIS (German Economic Association for Industrial Services) is a sector-overlapping interest grouping for enterprises of the industrial services sector. The objectives of WVIS are to represent the economic interest of the fast-growing industrial services sector and, in close cooperation with our member firms, to achieve quality and sustainability by uniform standards as well as to create a common representative appearance. In Europe, the industrial services branch represents a market volume of approximately 100 billion Euro, and more than 20 billion Euro in Germany. The WVIS was founded in 2008 and is domiciled in Düsseldorf.